MUST LOVE BEARDS Brooklyn is happening, rain or shine!

A little rain ain’t never hurt nobody!

MUST LOVE BEARDS Brooklyn is happening, rain or shine! According to, it’s scheduled to rain the first (2:00 p.m.) and last (9:00 p.m.) hours of the event. That leaves six hours left to party!

There will be a large tent set up outside (pictured above) and there is an indoor bar area.

Also, there are no refunds on women’s tickets sooo start planning your frizz-free hairstyles now!

Learn more about the event, purchase tickets, or RSVP HERE!

I strongly advise AGAINST arriving fashionably late in order to maximize your experience.

Genese Jamilah is the I DON'T DO CLUBS Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Influencer of New York City & Brooklyn. She graduated from Savannah State University. She enjoys writing things down & making them happen, sharing semi-inappropriate memes, and entertaining her friends & family within her home. Read Genese Jamilah's content here. INSTAGRAM: @genesejamilah

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