Founder and Influencers

Each month, our Influencers create content highlighting the best events in their city for Black professionals! Read more about our dynamic team below and follow them on social media.

Genese Jamilah is the I DON’T DO CLUBS Founder, Editor-in-Chief, and Influencer of Atlanta, Chicago, New York City, & Washington, DC. She graduated from Savannah State University. She enjoys writing things down & making them happen, sharing semi-inappropriate memes, and entertaining her friends & family within her home. Read Genese Jamilah’s content here.
INSTAGRAM: @genesejamilah

Gellie is the I DON’T DO CLUBS Influencer of Charlotte. She graduated from Winthrop University and is a logistics professional. She enjoys writing, doing random & spontaneous things with friends, and working on her quick clapbacks in her free time. Read Gellie’s content here.
FACEBOOK: @PNutButtaGellie
INSTAGRAM: @PNutButtaGellz
TWITTER: @PNutButtaGellz

Jamila Sherman is the I DON’T DO CLUBS Influencer of Dallas. She graduated from University of North at Dallas and is currently a music enthusiast & events professional. She enjoys listening to music, hanging with friends, and reading in her free time. Read Jamila’s content here.
INSTAGRAM: @_jiffy
TWITTER: @bthereina_JIFFY

Chantell is the I DON’T DO CLUBS Influencer of New Orleans. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University and is a public affairs professional. She enjoys trap brunching, watching Instagram workout videos, and attending live events, in that order. Read Chantell’s content here.
INSTAGRAM: @blacknbklyn, @hbcunola
TWITTER: @blacknbklyn

Le’Yante is the I DON’T DO CLUBS Influencer of Philadelphia. She attended Florida State University and is an insurance professional. She enjoys going to concerts, shoulder-dancing at somebody’s happy hour, and scouring thrift stores for new DIY projects. Read Le’Yante’s content here.
FACEBOOK: @leyante
INSTAGRAM: @melee_ley